Council Meeting Minutes 12/20/2021

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MINNEOLA CITY COUNCIL MEETS                                    December 20, 2021

The Minneola City Council met in regular session December 20, 2021, in the Civic Connection. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., with the following council members present: Marvin Jensen, Shawn Conard, and Dustin Laudick. Mayor Carol Sibley presided.

Alan Luttrel, EBH, gave an update on the waterline project. West of Main Street is done. The east side, except services on Cherry Street and the tie in at Front and Poplar, are done. The line to the lift station still needs to be put in and there are still some valves and fire hydrants to put in. Sometime after the first of the year, Wayne Cook will redo the well houses. Alan is working on the plans and easements for the Coop waterline loop.

Alan then discussed the problems that were found when trying to install the SCADA System at the south well. The water meter and piping are falling apart. APAC is putting a price together to redo the piping and move the discharge head to the outside. This would not be done as part of the waterline project, but would be billed separately, and ARPA funds would be used.

Alan reviewed pay estimate #8 submitted by APAC for the waterline project. Marvin made a motion to approve Pay Estimate #8, Shawn seconded, motion passed 3/0.

The next waterline progress meeting will be tomorrow at 9:00 am.

Deb Bruner, CEO Minneola District Hospital, discussed concerns over the EMS program. Several months ago, she met with the County Commissioners over concerns and there has been zero progress on the items that were discussed. The following are some items mentioned to the Council: EMS volunteers being turned into the state, delays in response for transfers or no Clark County crew available for transfers out of MDH, Clark County EMS Director, Clark County Medical Director, volunteer vs. full time EMS, possible resignations or leave of absences from volunteers in January 2022. It was noted that if there is no coverage in Minneola, the County could be held liable. It was agreed that Minneola and Minneola Healthcare need coverage and our community needs a voice to make sure we receive the necessary services that are vital to our community. It was decided that the Mayor of Minneola and Minneola Hospital Board Chair would reach out to the County Commissioners and request that a special meeting be called for either the 3rd or 4th of January, here in Minneola at the Civic Connection. Shawn made a motion to call a special meeting at the date and time determined to discuss EMS issues with the Clark County Commissioners, Marvin seconded, motion passed 3/0.

Minutes of the November 15, 2021, meeting previously mailed out was reviewed. Marvin made a motion to approve the minutes as written, Shawn seconded. Motion passed 3/0.

Computer print-outs showing the financial status for the month of November were reviewed. There were no questions.

The Streetscape Project is pretty much finished. Patrick Williams, EBH Engineering, and APAC did a walk-through of the project a couple of weeks ago. There is an issue on the 300 block of Main Street where the road buckled due to APAC’s boring. APAC put a patch over the road, but it is not fixed. The City will not sign off on the project until this is fixed. KDOT is now involved with the issue. The City also discovered that one of the streetlight’s electrical outlets is not working.

Funding for LIFT, Economic Development Group, that was tabled at the November meeting, was reviewed. Marvin made a motion to help fund the program with a $12,000 donation, Shawn seconded, motion passed 3/0.

All were reminded that the Council meeting dates for January and February, 2022, have been changed to January 18 and February 22 due to government holidays.

Newly elected Mayor - Carol Sibley, and Councilmen-Chad Kirk and Debbie Buckley, were sworn in. Their terms of office start in January 2022. Brenda Stewart will contact Wesley Orr to have him come to the office to be sworn in.

Two applications were received for CMB Licenses. Dustin made a motion to approve the licenses for Snappy Stop and Paraiso Mexican Restaurant, Shawn seconded, motion passed 3/0.

June 19 was recognized and passed into law as a federal holiday on June 17, 2021. Shawn made a motion to acknowledge this day as a holiday, Dustin seconded, motion passed 3/0.

With Patrick Williams retiring in April 2022, law enforcement was discussed. The City Council discussed several options. After discussion, the Council agreed that we did not want to go backwards without any coverage and hiring a part time officer would be best. The 2022 budget will be reviewed, and then further discussion can take place in January.

The swimming pool building on the east end (storage area) is deteriorating and needs to be knocked down. After that is complete, Mark Davis will be putting a new roof on the building, a security fence will be installed where the building was, and doors will be added to the area next to the guard shack to make a new storage area.

Dustin made a motion to go into executive session for 30 minutes to discuss land acquisition with the Mayor, Patrick Williams, Brenda Stewart, Tyler Knox, Chad Kirk, and Debbie Buckley present. Marvin seconded, motion passed 3/0. Executive session started at 8:40 pm. Executive session ended at 9:10 pm.

Shawn made a motion to decline the purchase of the land offered in the contract by George B. Rooney, IV, Dustin seconded, motion passed 3/0.

Marvin made a motion for the City to pursue other alternative land purchase options, Shawn seconded, motion passed 3/0.

Marvin made a motion to approve the bills as presented, Dustin seconded, motion passed 3/0.

Marvin made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Shawn seconded, motion passed 3/0. Meeting adjourned 9:20 pm.

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