LIFT Minneola was born out of a common desire to grow Minneola.  From casual conversation to active engagement, several individuals collectively agreed to identify projects to enhance the quality of life and inspiration to our community.

The first step was to learn more about our town from a visitor’s perspective.  First impressions are important, so collaboration began with the Kansas State University / First Impression Program to learn more. Trained Volunteers visited our town and reported on their experiences.   Here is what they said: Minneola Compiled Report.pdf (

We decided to focus on community clean up, housing, and business expansion from these observations; it takes money to make this happen.  So, it was decided to formalize as a 501C3 non-profit organization.  To begin this process, a name is required, and that is how LIFT Minneola began…  Leading Into the Future Together.  Soon everyone will have a reason to be involved to help our town evolve for future generations.

Stay tuned. We will update you events and projects in which you can lend a helping hand. 

Question: WHY LIFT?  Answer:  Because MINNEOLA MATTERS