Effective Ordinance 2023-01

Residential (In town): A minimum of $54.00 for usage of the first 4,000 gallons taken during each meter reading month, then $2.70 per thousand gallons of water usage thereafter.

For Residential out of town, commercial or agriculture rates, please contact City Hall.


All residential utility bills are charged a flat rate for mosquito spraying at $1.00 a month and a flat rate for the grass and tree limb disposal site of $2.00 per month.


Effective Ordinance 2018-02:

Residential monthly charge for single sewer service will be $20.00.

For churches, commercial, schools, businesses, and apartment rates please contact City Hall. 


Effective Ordinance 2015-03

Residential service charges for solid waste will be $15.00, billed monthly.

Businesses, schools, and apartments are not included in the City solid waste collection and are required to contact the refuse service provider for service.